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Natural Whetstones Quarried Locally
Manufactured in Loos since the 1800s


Loosbrynet (meaning Loos Whetstone) is a fine-grained Swedish waterstone, quarried locally in the northernmost part of Hälsingland; it is cut from slate formed on the ocean floor, with a grit varying around 1200-1500. It was used during the early Viking Age as an effective means to sharpen blades and tools; leftovers found in Helgö and other parts of Sweden refer back to the locality of Loos, where the production of sharpening stones still persists through its reinstatement in the 1800s, the lineage of which begins with Hans Gustav Borg, who initiated its industrial manufacturing at the turn of the century.

General Usage

Never use oil, only water while honing your equipment. If the edge is jagged or just in a generally bad state you can grind or use a file to get rid of the damaged areas and create a new, clean bevel on your knife. A wooden block can be used to get rid of the wire-edge you get after sharpening. Always do the sharpening away from and not towards the hand you are holding the sharpening stone with.

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